5 FAQ's Before You Hire a Personal Injury Accident Attorney for the Trial of Your Lawsuit Claim or Case:



  1. Is there a charge to consult about taking my case?
  2. How does the attorney get paid?
  3. Where will my case be filed and why?
  4. How many cases like mine have you tried to verdict and won?; and,
  5. What is my case worth and why?



Hi I'm Bill Tinning, double board certified in both civil trial law AND personal injury law, and these questions are some of ones I have been asked most frequently by new clients.


  • There is NEVER a charge by me, or my office to consult about your situation. I get paid only if and when there is an offer to settle that YOU decide is acceptable. After all. It IS YOUR case;
  • My cases are taken on a contingency fee - meaning on a percentage of the case. The percentage depends on the difficulty and expense of your case. You don’t have to worry about getting a monthly statement;
  • The choice of the county of your case can sometimes make a huge difference. There are usually many choices and your attorney should be able to articulate these with you. The experience of your attorney in your type case in that county IS a big factor in the insurance company's decision to settle - and for how much.
  • No attorney can guarantee results or outcomes in advance of any case, facts change. Witnesses may change their story, but every case should have a goal in mind and an ongoing estimation that you and your attorney can agree upon-and- if unmet- your case will be ready to go to trial. You want a specialist in personal injury and civil trial law to advise you and try your lawsuit. The insurance company makes their decisions based on this- shouldn't you?